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Our team of elite, highly experienced, professional DJs will make sure the entertainment for your event is exactly how you want it to be. Your guests will never forget how much they enjoyed your event or how much fun they had.

From our initial consultation until the last song is played, we listen to what you want for your event.  We understand that when we entertain, we are there to serve you and your guests. Your wish is our command.  From what you want us to play to what you don’t.

The last thing an event needs is a DJ that presses play and takes the rest of the night off.   Our experience in getting people moving is evident in the fact that we don’t stop working from the moment we play the first song until your last guest walks out the door. We constantly “read the room” and pay attention to what your guests want to dance to.  This is a skill that has been honed through decades of experience. From today’s hits to your personal favorites, we play what you and your guests want to hear.


DJ Angelo’s recent appearance on the national broadcast of
Football Night in America on NBC.

Personality and Interaction
  • Personality – A DJ without a personality is almost as bad as a party without music.
    • Our DJs are fun and outgoing.
    • We are polite and friendly.
    • We are approachable so your guests feel welcomed.
  • Interaction – We will interact with your crowd at the level you want.
    • We use an easy scale of 1 to 10.
      1 = minimal interaction.
      10 = lots of interaction and involvement.
    • If you want just music and announcements, choose a “1”.
    • If you want to be constantly hyped up by the DJ/MC, choose a “10”.
    • We can adjust accordingly as the night progresses.
Reliability & Punctuality
  • Reliability – The last thing you need to worry about with your event is if there will be music playing.
    • The most important thing a DJ needs to do is show up.
    • Next, their equipment needs to work so that they can actually play.  That’s we only use “Professional Grade” equipment.
    • They need to work the entire time.  That’s what you are paying for!
  • Punctuality – We will always show up well before your event starts so that everything is ready to go when you and your guests arrive.
    • We arrive well before your party starts so that we can address anything that comes up.
    • We also arrive early so that we can coordinate with you and the venue so that your event is exactly how you want it to be.
The Latest Technology

From our first contact with you, until your last guest leaves, we employ the latest in technology to plan, prepare, and play your event. Staying ahead of the technolgy curve gives us a competitive edge – we use it to be efficient, effective, and professional.


Planning Your Event

  • Our DJ Intelligence® event planning cloud-based software platform is our information hub for your and your event.
  • See our “Availability Checker” at the top of the page? It’s connect to our booking calendar so that you know right away if we are available for your event.  Once availability is confirmed, we use it to book the event and start the planning process.
  • DJ Intelligence also allows us to gather the specifics of your event, including:  Venue Specifics, Event Timeline, Introductions, Dances, Song Choices, File Exchanges and much more. It even allows your guests to request songs!

Preparing Your Event

  • Our cutting edge Rekordbox® DJ Software helps us prepare the soundtrack of your event.  We prepare not only the song lists, but can even edit the songs themselves if we have to so that we can mix them in just right.
  • What’s great software without a high end computer to run it on?  Our DJs are equipped with high end laptops that can keep up with the pace of your party.  Need us to search our music database for that song you just have to hear next? We have your covered.
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Playing Your Event

  • While playing your event, we can download music if we don’t already have it.  We belong to Digital Music Pools and Itunes and have the ability to download songs on the fly so that “must have” special request that you forgot to tell us about – We can still play it for you.
  • Want to hear your event online after it’s all over? Ask us how we can use MixCloud to LEGALLY stream and post your event soundtrack to MixCloud’s site.
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Superior Equipment

What is a great team without great tools? We use only professional grade, high quality equipment from brands like Pioneer DJ, JBL, Chauvet DJ, Shure, and Ultimate Support.

Today, anyone can take a laptop and a set of speakers and SAY that they are a “DJ” but, to entertain professionally you need the right equipment and the know-how to use it.

Please see our line up of exceptional equipment below. With industry standards like these at our disposal, you can expect the highest quality performances.